Life after Life – The Female Voice of Afghanistan • Arrival Germany

Video-Porträts 2023

Female Voice of Afghanistan

Virtual music festival • 15.-18. October 2021

The Female Voice of Iran

Feature documentary (2020)

Female Voice of Iran 2018, Photo © Andreas Rochholl

Female Voice of Iran

Festival, 2017 - 2018

Photo by Erik Jan Ouwerkerk

Contemporary Tango Festival

Berlin Central Station, 2016-2020

Festivaleröffning im Berliner Hauptbahnhof foto by Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

Ankunft: Neue Musik

Festival im Berliner Hauptbahnhof, 2009–2015

music ∙ film > lab

ein Laboratorium für die Musik- und Filmwelt, 2014


Music film by Andreas Rochholl, 2014