Music film by Andreas Rochholl, 2014

SUTURA is a music film about a healing story – interwoven with classical and folk music, martial art, dance and shamanism.


After a traumatic brain injury, a singer realizes on her way into the operating room, that she can’t remember the lyrics of her own song anymore. This song is her highest treasure. In the moment of the narcosis, she receives unexpected help. An irrational path leads into the secret realm between death and life.
(med.:) A sutura is a type of fibrous joint which only occurs in the skull.


Rilli Willow, Sabrina Ma, Jie Rui Zhang, Zoé Cartier, Bettina Thiel, Jan Gerdes, Christian Banzhaf, Ulf Adler, Tatjana Pieper, Benedikt Bindewald, Jobst Liebrecht
Sound – Volker Wendisch, Daniel Weingarten Camera – Philipp Grieß Camera Assistant and Gaffer – Gregor Reinbold Color Grading – Stefan Reiss Costume – Sabine Gallei Costume Assistant – Birte Sieckmann Make-up Artist – Wiebke Reich Production Assistant – Ortrun Stanzel, Alessandro Lanzillotti Consigliere, Location manager – Susanna Poldauf Prop Master – Alessandro Lanzillotti Set Photographer – Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

Written and directed by Andreas Rochholl

Director’s statement

“Once I met a surgeon in a train restaurant as the train stopped for an hour because of a technical problem. During this time gap, he told me about his life experience. He learned more and more that he as a doctor with all the technique and modern skills is doing only a bit of the healing job we expect him to do. We should not forget that the doctor himself is not healing but only helping nature of the human body and his animal spirits inside to do the real job: Connecting nerves, reply cells and restore the most complex relationships of our metabolism.
I asked him what he means with animal spirits and he answered, that he always felt that there is something like an energy in his patient during an operation which is influencing his work. Something like living will or whatever, he was unsecure about this, but it is there like a counterpart and he has a deep respect for this.” (Andreas Rochholl)

Music-Excerpts in SUTURA from:

Sonata for Solo Cello by György Ligeti, Zoé Cartier – Cello. Composed 1948-1953, Music rights: Schott Music, Mainz
Etude-Tableau op. 39 No.1 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Jan Gerdes – Piano. Composed 1916, Music rights: Boosey & Hawkes, Berlin
Havanna Music and lyrics by Rilli Willow, Rilli Willow – vocals, Zoé Cartier – Cello, Jobst Liebrecht – Guitar, Benedikt Bindewald – Violine. Music rights: Rilli Willow, Tel Aviv
Percussion Improvisation, Sabrina Ma – Framedrum, Crotales, Drums

Jie Rui Zhang in the music film SUTURA, Setphoto by Erik Jan Ouwerkerk

Jie Rui Zhang, Setphoto by Erik Jan Ouwerkerk

Supported by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellery, Cultural Affairs With support from Universitätsmedizin Greifswald Thanks to: Elisabeth-Catharina Oerding, Maja Slansky, Silke Schönberg, Ralf Martens
Premiere: music film lab Berlin 2014
Produced by KADMOS Produktion and Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin