KADMOS Produktion

Film- and stage production company

Dreharbeiten mit Jan Gerdes _ Foto © Erik Jan Ouwerkerk

KADMOS Produktion realizes and administrates music films, music documentaries and cross-media productions with a wide spectrum of music styles and performing arts.
We are based in Berlin and collaborate with Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin for intercultural and interdisciplinary music productions and other partners.
Our interest and expertise focuses on the complex relationships of sound and image. The basis is a deeper understanding of humans’ perception and patterns in listening and watching and includes the contextualization in our media communication environments.

In 2014 we organized the “music film lab” in Berlin as a forum for professionals in the fields of film, music and audio-visual design.
Our music films have been shown successfully at international film festivals.

The Female Voice of Iran feature documentary, 2020
Music from  Iran documentaries for Female Voice of Iran 2017-2018
SUTURA music film 2014
Half the Heart music film 2013
I met Heine on the Rue Fürstenberg music film 2012
Kroll film opera 2006

KADMOS Produktion was founded in 2006 by Andreas Rochholl

Who is KADMOS?

Kadmos is one of the most fascinating figures in the ancient Greek mythology and an inspiration for living the full range of a dramatic, but joyful, deeply grounded meaningful life. He is a bridge builder between cultures. He was credited by Herodotus (c. 484 – c. 425 BC.) for introducing the original Phoenician alphabet to the Greeks, who adapted it to form their Greek alphabet. Kadmos life is full of cinematic storys.  He is the brother of legendary Europe and followed her mysterious path as a young adult into the unknown. He founded a new city just from nothing, fighting with dragons, and much more…… From a total fool he was growing to an old, wise guy, still dancing in the new wold of Dionysos. After his death, the gods transformed him into a star in heaven.