Half the Heart – Hälfte des Herzens

Music film by Andreas Rochholl, 2013

A bride running in deep despair along the industrial waterside of a river, when a deaf angel arises. A workman discovers miracles during his daily duty of garbage. 
In that moment a song is being born out of a metropolitan navel into realms of the soul.

In Half the Heart cutting-edge sound design techniques was applied by recording and mixing both on-location sounds and studio recordings. The idea of director Andreas Rochholl was to extend the relationship between the visual and acoustic spaces and to blur and oscillate the boundaries in-between. How does it sound e.g., when a melody is just in your mind, not yet on the lips – the moment before it is materialized as an acoustic expression?
The musicians, who perform as actors in the film, found new forms fusing sounds arising from their acting with the musical material of the composition, thus extending the range of their interpretation and their improvisational skills.

What is the mystery of this moment, when in daily life a melody is fathered in one’s mind?

Festival screenings: Festival du Film International Aubagne 2013. International TV Forum Music „The look of the sound“ 2013. Beethoven Fest Bonn 2013. ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Berlin 2014.


Lisa Tjalve (Bride, soprano), Heidrun Barth (Half the Angel, deaf), Simone Leona Hueber (Bride’s sister), Jan Gerdes (Worker, pianist) and Hans-Georg Bachmann (his colleague)
Music – Sidney Corbett
Script, Director – Andreas Rochholl
Director of Photography – Philipp Grieß, Sound Director – Daniel Weingarten, Color Grading – Stefan Reiss, Make-up Artist – Christiane Buchholz, Costume – Sabine Gallei, Set Photographer – Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, Consigliere – Susanna Poldauf, Camera Assistant and Gaffer – Gregor Reinbold, Horse Master – Jörn Evers, Dagmar Usadel

Sidney Corbett’s composition is taken from his song cycle „Lieder aus der Bettlerschale“ (1998) for Soprano and Piano, after a poem by Christine Lavant (1915-1973).

Screenshot Half the heart - music film by Andreas Rochholl

Simone Leone Hueber and Lisa Tjalve. Screenshot Half the heart