Yalda Yazdani

Curator of the festival Female Voice of Iran and Female Voice of Afghanistan

Yalda Yazdani is an ethnomusicologist and curator. She was born in Iran. Currently she is working as a research fellow at University of Siegen, Germany.  Since 2009 she has been undertaking various fieldwork research about female vocal songs and music in different regions of Iran. From 2015 she has been organising various intercultural projects, documentaries, music workshops and concerts across Iran and Germany with the aim of creating collaboration bridges between European and Middle-Eastern musicians and artists. In 2017 she founded and curated the festival “Female Voice of Iran” and recently in 2021 the festival “Female Voice of Afghanistan” in collaboration with Contemporary Opera Berlin. In the current times she has been collaborating with different documentary productions focusing mainly on music and the potential it offers to cross cultural borders. Her primary goal is to find ways to improve the situation of Middle-Eastern women musicians both in their home country as well as internationally. The last cooperation has been with the documentary projects “Saz, The Key of Trust “(Arte, 2018), “The Female Voice of Iran“ (Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, 2020) and ”Female Voice of Afghanistan” ( Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, 2021).

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